Canoeing is one of the most beautiful recreation possibilities with which you are very close to nature. In direct contact with the water you will experience the beginning of nature and its treasures.

Burgen (Region 1)

With us you can undertake small and large trips. You can rent a boat by the hour or for a complete day.
Enjoy the wonderful world of the Mosel from the water, arrive at small beaches, take a deep breath of fresh air and learn about the picturesque villages along the Mosel.
We also organize tours to nearby parts of the Mosel.

Gottfried Heck
Hauptstr. 7
56290 Macken
Tel: 0049 2605-3795
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Kinheim (Region 2)
Kanu-charter, Königstrasse 3, Kinheim, Tel. 0049 65 32  94 32 -0

. . . paddle away the stress ! !

Lot of work, hectic , these unpleasure things make the day of many people. That is why relaxation and tranquillity are very important in the few free hours that we have. Let the mountains and villages pass you by.
Paddling on the romantic Mosel is pure relaxation and:
-  the best way to get to know new people
-  to make new friends !

We have different offers:

  • Canoerent
  • Tour with winetastery
  • Tour with grillevening
  • 2-day-tour
  • Weekend in the Moselarea

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Ernst (Region 2)
Bicycles and canoes,
Bioladen Wilder Wein
Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 18:30 o'clock,
Sundays after appointment
Moselstraße 45 (next to the church)
Tel. 0049 2671/5551
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Bremm (Region 2)
Zweiradtechnik Krause, Tel.: 0049 2675/911842

Klotten (Region 2)
Der Bootsplatz, Hauptstr. 71, Tel. 0049 2671-605518

Senheim (Region 2)
Frank's Bike Shop , Camping Holländischer Hof, Tel. 0049 2673-962526

Reil (Region 2)
Mosel Kanu Verleih Reil , Moselstraße 12, Tel 0049 6542 / 969500, Or: 0049 175 / 5516175

Traben-Trarbach (Region 2)
You can contact us via telephone or email to discuss all the details.
The tours will be arranged after your wishes.
We will deliver the canoes at your desirable starting point and we will collect them on your desirable finishing point.
FunTime Kanuvermietung
Harry Kleinmann
Tel 0049 6543 - 500 52 99
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