Enkirch Wine Certificate

Enkirch wine certificate

Learn all about the vineculture at the Mosel:
a course divided in 4 parts.



With warm clothing, at low temperatures, you will go into the wine-mountains together with a wine grower. You will learn to remove the old wood and to maintain the new sprout which will live for one year, because they give the best grapes. The high quality of the grapes that is necessary for the wine cannot be reached without trimming. Of course you will also get a tip for your own garden.



Here we will ask for your competence! The one-year-sprouts will have to be bend. This will improve the growth equally of new sprouts.


Tying up

In the summer, standing on hot slates, during the tying up of the young sprouts, sweat will run freely.
The tying up will prevent the sprouts to break and will create a wall in the steel threads for optimum
absorption of the sun to get a high level of sugar.
After a lot of work, the wine will taste twice a nice in the evening.



In the most beautiful time of the year, we will go into the mountains very early. The morningfog will announce a new beautiful day. After a glass of special drink you will get warm immediately and filled with energy you will get to work. The grapes will be cut with scissors. After this the harvest can ripen because of nature's teamwork (enough sunshine and rain) till an outstanding product of nature: wine.



More information about the Enkirch Wine-certificate and places to stay, contact the touristinformation of Enkirch
Tel: 0049 65 41 / 92 65

tying up of the young sprouts