KART Mosel and surroundings

Kart along the Mosel and surroundings


Indoorkart in Wittlich
Otto-Hahn-Straße, Tel: 0049 6571/969494
in Industriegebiet II

Indoor/Outdoor Kart, Nürburgring

Outdoor Kart, airport Hahn
Tel. 0049 6543/509950

Indoor/Outdoor Kart in Bitburg
Kart Drom, Am Tower, Bitburg-airport,
Tel. 0049 6561 / 942000
over 5000 m2, electronic time measurements

The Nürburgring invites you to a trip on the track in your own car. (Tel. 02691/302-0) or with a "Renntaxi".
Tel.-Nr. 0049 2691/302-640.