Historical copper mine in Fischbach

In the valley near Fischbach at the German Edelsteinstrasse, some kilometers away from Idar-Oberstein, you will find one of the largest and most famous copper mines from the time of Napoleon.

Remaining are the large arched vaults, the giant hollow winning areas and a wide spread web of mine corridors. These will give you an impression of the medieval mining company. The copper mine in Fischbach is one of the most famous because here you can visit a mine in its original condition.
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Eagle and wolfspark in Gerolstein

The 20 hectares large park around the historical castle with its tight forest for predatory birds, wolfs and other animals, is an experience for the whole family. The feeding of the stone-eagles and hawks is shown in the grass land of Castle Kasselburg. In the old walls of the castle from the 12th century, live the eagles and hawks in volieres.

Demonstrations: 11.00 and 15.00 o'clock
Feeding of the wolfs: 15.45 o'clock

Eagle and wolfs parkt Kasselburg, Pelm near Gerolstein, Tel. +49 65 91 - 42 13 
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Hawk park at the castle of Cochem

In our hawk park we try to show you during our demonstrations something about predatory birds and their behaviour.

Demonstrations: 4 x per day
Our season ends at the end of October.


  • 11.00 o'clock
  • 13.00 o'clock
  • 14.30 o'clock
  • 16.00 o'clock

Closed on Mondays
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Kurort Bad Bertrich

Isn't it about time that you can be your complete self again?
Than you will find the peace in the nature of Bad Bertrich as well as in the citypart Kennfus. A world especially for you, far away from haste and stress and mass tourism.An idyllic green paradise between the Mosel and its volcano lakes of the Eifel. Let the magnificent views influence your thoughts and really relax.

The heeling part of the thermal water of Bad Bertricher Therme is well known:
Use as bath water or drinking water, the unique sodium sulphate baths with a temperature of 32 degrees work positively on mind and body and its internal organs. It belongs to the famous treating therapies of active and passive movement therapies.

Health resort with a thermal bath, swimmingpool of 32 degrees, solarium, sauna and recovery spaces, Hot-Whirl-Pool, massageshowers, etc.
Health resort, garden with 70 km marked walking paths.
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Wildpark Daun

The park exists of a large forest with streams and open spaces. Here you can come across several kinds of animals like fallow-deer, red-deer, wild swines, on the 8 kilometer long autoroute.

Open: from 15.03 till 15.11
every day from 10 till 18 o'clock
Wild- und Erlebnispark Daun, Mainzerstraße 11,
Tel. +49 6592 3154
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Freizeitpark Bell (amusement park)

The super amusement park for the little ones and adults.
Hunsrückhöhenstraße, Bell, Tel. +49 6762 - 8035
Open from April till October 10.00 till 19.00 o'clock
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Freizeitpark Klotten (amusement park)

Attractions like a giant slide, waterbob, cable railway and playground, etc.
Park with wild animals and birds
Open daily from 09.00 till 18.30 o'clock from April till October
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Cochemer Chair lift

Open from April till November
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Edelsteincity Idar Oberstein

German precious stone museum, Idar-Oberstein, Hauptstraße 118, Tel.: (+49) 06781-90 09 80
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Children's playing park (inside)

Partly for the really small ones, trampoline, softmountain, giant slide, piratesboat, whale "Snappy", superhouse with canons with balls

Further we offer:

Recreation possibilities for the parents like pool, table football and different kinds of board games.

Mo-Fr from 14.00 - 18.00 o'clock
Sa, Sun, holidays from 10.30 till 18.30 o'clock

Indoor-Kinder-Spielpark, Diedenhofener Str. 29, Trier, Tel: +49 651/9936896


Eifelpark in Gondorf nearby Bitburg!

Eifelpark is one of Germany's largest and best-loved amusement and nature parks. It draws a hundred thousand visitors from Germany, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg every year.

With an area of 750,000 square meters (that’s about as big as 100 football pitches put together), it offers a host of attractions for both children and adults, who can spend a great day or even a whole weekend together.

You can ride the new Eifel Coaster, the Family Roller Coaster, the Kids' Paddleboats or the Eifel Express. Alternatively you could go rock-climbing, pet the animals, watch the brown bears or marvel at the birds of prey - there is an infinite number of things to see and do. You can go for long walks in the Eifelpark, barbecue, bring your dog and stay overnight in the park's Indian village.

Everything in the park is tailored to families' needs: that also means reasonable entry fees - including attractions – and delicious, well-priced food.


Adventure Forest near Traben-Trarbach + Cochem

Der Mosel Adventure Forest – Mont Royal – is a theme park consisting of rope courses with many challenging obstacles. Combined with a lot of fun you will experience nature from an entirely different perspective. You will challenge your personal limits in a save and supportive environment.
Whether a suspension bridge, the Flying Fox, a hanging ladder or the climbing wall…. Fun is guaranteed!
Secured by a helmet and a harness you will independently climb and balance from station to station.

During holidays (27.03-11.04, 03.07-15.08, 09.10-24.10), every day 10 – 19 o’clock
With the exception of holidays till 31.10 excluding the dates mentioned above, Tue, Th, Fr, Sa 14 – 19 o’clock
All Sundays and holidays, 10 – 19 o’clock
The forest is open with all kinds of weather, except with storm, thunder or heavy rain.
Tel. +49 6541-817772


Adventure Forest: Kletterwald Ediger-Eller

During holidays (27.03-11.04, 03.07-15.08, 09.10-24.10), every day 10 – 19 o’clock
With the exception of holidays till 31.10 excluding the dates mentioned above, Fr, Sa 14 – 19 o’clock
From May 3 till 7 + August 16 till 27 daily 10 – 19 o’clock
All Sundays and holidays, 10 – 19 o’clock

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