Rodelen in Mosel region


Summer-rodel-track „Saar-Rodel“ in Landal GreenParks „Warsberg“ in Saarburg
Tel. 06581 / 996670
More than 500 meters long track with many curves and 3 jumps. Chairlift, station in the valley with a restaurant.
Open: April till October (closed on rainy days); November till March opened on Sundays when the weather is good.

Recreationcenter Peterberg near Nonnweiler
Tel. 06873 / 91134
1000 meters long summer-rodel-track, chairlift, station in the valley and on top with restaurant.
Open: April till October (closed on rainy days)


Riol - Triolago – Rodeltrack:
Get in a Moselbob – alone or with two – you will certainly have fun: 1170 meter long rodelfun with a lot of curves. At all weather types!
Am Triolago – Freizeitsee
54340 Riol